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Rider Profle: Graham Laming

Role in club:
I am the Club's membership secretary and web master. I create the Club's web applications in php, HTML5, css, mySQL and Javascript.

Cycling background:
A chequered cycling history :-)

My first bike, aged 8 - an old Humber in rural Zimbabwe, complete with powerful 750cc playing-card on the spokes :-)

Graham Laming Humber

I joined BRCC in 2006, and served on the committee as treasurer and web master for 10 years.

Favourite cycling activities:
I started out doing short sprint time trials of 10, 15 and 25 miles length, around 2010. This bike carried me safely for over 80 000 miles over the next 8 years, until it failed catastrophically following sudden metal fatigue of the left handlebar during a sprint in 2018.

Graham Laming 10 mile TT

I now prefer competing in solo, unsupported endurance time-trial competitions.

I rode my record of 647 km (402 miles) in a day, solo, unsupported, on 4th November 2017 in the desert of California during the 24 hour World TT Championships. Came 6th out of 24 in age group.

My current aim is to get 1st Place in my age group.

Graham Laming 24 hour TT 647km

Graham Laming 24 hour TT 647km

Roadside repairs during the 2017 race - burst front inner tube. Temperature 35C

Graham Laming 24 hour TT 647km repairs

World Time Trials 24 hour race certificate

This qualifies me to ride solo RAAM, a non-stop 3000 mile Time Trial across the USA... I don't think I'll take that up, thanks all the same!

RAAM Solo Qualification

My ill-fated 2014 World Champs 24 hour attempt - big toe went septic and quit at 322 miles.

Graham Laming Cycling in the 24 hour WTTC event in Borrego Springs

Finishing my 500km-in-one-go charity solo ride for St John's Hospice in Moggerhanger, around the lanes of Old Warden, Cardington, Ickwell, Northill and Cople. This was my first 24 hour ride, in 2013. I finished with 524 km in 24 hours.

Back in the 80s, I lost my left knee cap and had extensive damage to the knee joint and tendons. So I fire on one cylinder, getting power from my right leg only.

Cycling after loss of kneecap is OK