BRCC DIY Race Number

This 20cm x 20cm race number will be printed onto your paper/card ...

Welcome to this special edition BRCC arts and crafts page!

Ensure your printer is set to 100% scale, the area of your printed number should be around 20cm x 20cm.

Put your printed number in a sturdy clear plastic bag to protect it from sweat and rain.

To make your number more durable, you can laminate it, or use sellotape on both sides to encapsulate it.

Re-inforce the corners, where the safety pins will go, with extra layers of sellotape.

Use diagonal strips of tape also, from corner to corner.

Try your number out before the race, to make sure you are happy with it, as there is nothing more distracting in a race than having a loose, flappy number on your back.

These DIY numbers are an inconvenience, but most importantly protect our volunteers from having to handle sweaty, snotty numbers at the end of each race.

It also means you don't get someone else's old number, even if it has been cleaned in a bucket with loads of other sweaty, snotty numbers.

If you think this is inconvenient, think of the poor volunteer who would otherwise have to stay behind, washing and drying 30 sweaty numbers after each event and hope he/she hasn't caught anything :-)

This should be the safest possible race, where you don't have to touch anything which isn't yours, at any time in the event. And nor do our helpers.

We hope you understand and apologies for the inconvenience.

Where and how to place your number...
Your number needs to be fixed at all 4 corners below youur waist as shown below, so the timekeepers can easily see it as you pass through the timing point.

good TT number placement

Don't have your number on your back, because we won't see it ...

good TT number placement

And don't have it all scrunched up or sideways either (13 can be fitted upside down)...

good TT number placement

Have fun and ride safe!

The Beds Road CC Events team.

Any issues, contact

Other clubs, other sports : Please feel free to use this app for your event, wherever you may be, if you find it useful.