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Time Trialling

History of Time Trialling 

Modern day Time Trialling began in 1922 with the formation of the Road Race Council. In 1937 the council changed its name to the Road Time Trials Council (RTTC), which governed the sport until 2002 when the RTTC became a company known as Cycling Time Trials Limited (CTT).

Time Trialling is permitted on the public highway in accordance with Statutory Instrument No. 250 of 1960.  This covers legal requirements concerning Time Trialling on public roads.





Time Trialling at the BRCC
The Bedfordshire Road Cycling Club extends a warm welcome to those competing in Club events.

Evening League time trials at the BRCC begin early in May, held on Thursday evenings they are open to any CTT affiliated club member.  Riders contest each of the series of 14 events - alternating between 10 & 11.3 miles.  During 2008 the average attendance was 53 riders, this is an extraordinarily popular 'little' event.

SPOCO (SPOrting COurses points competition) surfaced in 1982. It was founded to bring time trial sport away from the time-orientated traditional form which was so successful in the early years.  In pre-war and early post-war years the fixed distance concept, and subsequent best all-rounder (BAR) competition was practical.  In the 1970s and 1980s the emphasis changed. 

Fast courses, preferably flat and with the advantage of help from heavy traffic flow, were the desire of both BAR aspirants and event promoters.  The title 'Best All-Rounder' was ludicrous. The BAR rider was a flat earth specialist.  Only courses on which fast times could be achieved, and days with perfect conditions that were termed 'float', were of interest.  To ride on days of inclement weather was pointless. The futility of this way of thinking was regularly highlighted whenever British time triallists crossed the Channel.  The results against international riders were pathetic.  The only British riders to perform creditably in international events were those with a road racing background.

SPOCO was introduced to encourage the use of courses where the traffic was light and the terrain sporting.  Standard distances were not necessary, as the competition was decided on placings to give points.  The use of non-standard distances made it possible to start and finish at suitable locations. It was at this time that reponsible promoters of events looked for, and found, suitable premises for event headquarters; a big step from the "we're poor and proud of it" mentality of the traditionalist who thought it was fun to behave like itinerant gypsies. 

For 27 years the SPOCO format has been popular and successful in the South East, and has fostered similar competitions throughout the country.

So that those who are not normally 'stars' can compete for awards, the SPOCO series organises in conjunction with the main competition, a handicap system.  At the end of the season riders' totals are deducted from a possible maximum score. This balance is credited in the following season to be added to that year's points total.  Trophies are awarded to top placings.  With SPOCO, racing on tough courses in bad weather is no longer pointless!

The BRCC SPOCO Series is run through the year on a variety of local sporting courses.  Points are given for each race and the best 8 results of 9 SPOCO races and 5 Interclub races go towards the Club’s SPOCO Trophy.  Only first claim club members may compete for the SPOCO Trophy. Anyone else wishing to enter may do so as a private time trial. There are normally 9 SPOCO events and 5 Interclub events that also count towards the SPOCO Trophy.

Interclub events are held between the Icknield Road Club and the Hitchin Nomads.  With points awarded for each race and a final winning club identified at the end of the season.  Second claim riders can compete in the inter club events representing the BRCC. 



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