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Find out all that you need to know about the SPOCO Series here:

About The SPOCO Series

The SPOCO Time Trial series is a series of time trail events in which Club Members compete against the clock on hilly SPOrting COurses.  For these events the field is set and riders are given a race number based on their racing abilities, this enables fairer competition as riders of equal ability should not be able to get close together during the event.  If you want to try competitive cycling, then the SPOCO Series is ideal for you.  The majority of our SPOCO events take place on familiar lanes around Cardington village, and in 2013 the series totals 15 events.  These 15 events comprise 10 of our Club events, and 5 Interclub events.  Club Members competing for the SPOCO Trophy earn points for each race, and the best 8 results of the 15 are added to give a final score.  In each non-Interclub event there is also a handicap prize, handicap times are calculated based on riders most recent times.

Interclub events are held between ourselves and our friends at the Icknield Road Cycling Club, the Hitchin Nomads and .  With points awarded for each race and a final winning club identified at the end of the season.  Second claim riders can compete in the inter club events representing the BRCC.  We will be aiming to defend our Interclub title for a seventh consecutive year.

Entry Details

Riders who wish to compete in the SPOCO Series and for the handicap awards should complete the online booking form at  Alternatively, completed  entry forms, which are available in the clubhouse, can be placed in the letterbox at the clubhouse.  To assist in the smooth administration of the series please do enter the events on time.  Those riders who do not enter on time can still turn up on the day and ride a private time trial (PTT).  A PTT does not count towards the handicap prize, or the SPOCO Series.  You can book right up to 1/2 an hour before the start. SPOCOs are held on Sunday mornings, the first rider is off at 9:01am.

Event entry fee is £4.00, or £5.00 for PTT; all Interclub events are £3.00.  The entry fee should be paid at sign-on desk, for each event.  Riders aged under 18 receive a £1 discount and must submit a parental consent form, signed by their parent. This form can be downloaded from the CTT website


Conduct at the Events & Regulations

Sign on desk at the Clubhouse will close thirty minutes before the first rider is pushed off.  Make sure that you arrive on time as the start is not always outside the Clubhouse, and therefore you may find the Clubhouse locked.

Parking: if you cannot travel to the Clubhouse on your bike, then please do not park across our neighbours’ driveways, and do not park outside the Clubhouse or in the vicinity of the start and finish lines; and also note that cyclist do not have permission to use the Village Hall car park.

Please position number as shown here, this is important so that the time keepers can see it.

We must keep the road outside of the Clubhouse clear - there will be an HQ marshal, please do not put the marshal in the position of having to ask you to stay out of the road.

No u-turns in the road within sight of the start and finish lines.

CTT Regulation 16 - Competitor's Clothing: competitors must be clothed from the neck to at least mid-thigh. Sleeves shall be at least mid upper arm length (i.e. shoulder less tri-suits are not acceptable.

CTT Regulation 21 - Paced & Company Riding: Competitors must ride entirely alone and unassisted and not ride in company or take shelter (commonly known as drafting) from other riders or vehicles. A competitor overtaking another must pass without receiving or giving shelter. The onus of avoiding company riding shall be upon the rider overtaken. Cheats will be disqualified.

On crossing the finish line please call out you number to assist the timekeepers.

Please do not disturb the timekeepers, mingle around them, or block their view - they will be busy recording other riders' times.  We will aim to have the results available on the results page soon after each event.  And they are generally available in the Clubhouse shortly after the last rider comes in.

The Events

Please see for details of the events.


The Courses

The SPOCO courses are based on the lanes around our headquarters.  You can view all courses here.


Warning Signs

It is also important that road warning signs are placed on the course, all riders are encouraged to advise of dates at which they would be willing to put out and collect the road warning signs.  This is our event, and we must all work together to assure that the series can run in a correct and safe fashion.

Remember that no Warning Signs Marshal = Cancelled Event

DNS Apologies

If you are on the start sheet, and are not able to ride a particular event, please advise the SPOCO organiser of this, giving as much notice as possible.  This will enable your start time to be reallocated to a PTT.


SPOCO Series Organiser

This year's SPOCO Organiser is Graham Laming, you can contact Graham at

Bedfordshire Road Cycling Club