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Go Ride

Go-Ride Tour 2014

On a hot and sunny Saturday 12 July, 29 riders battled in the Bedfordshire Road CC Go Ride Tour event at Robert Bloomfield Academy.

Each rider tackled three grass track races, each contributing points to an overall omnium competition. There were some spectacular performances as each rider gave their all, leading to smiles, laughter, sweat and the odd tear!

Beds Road CC Go-Ride Tour 2014

Our yellow jersey winners in each age group were dominant throughout, finishing in 1st place in the 1 lap time trial, the pursuit race and the elimination (Devil) race.

These were Jack Branch in the U8s, Harry Layton in the U10s, Alex Daniels U12 and Billy Fadden U14/16.

In true Tour de France style the leader can only wear one jersey so the other jerseys were distributed to the 2nd place riders in each race. The green jersey winner for the best time trial performances were Lewis Manning U8, Jake Manning U10, Oliver Course U12 and Angus Hudson U14/16. The polka dot jersey was awarded for the next best performance in the elimination race, these went to Ronnie Hanks U8, Miles Varley U10, Ben Woodhouse (U12) and finally Ryan Daniels U14/16.

Finally the white jersey was awarded to the highest place girl in each age group, these went to Sophie Course U8, Rose Coggins U10 and Charlotte Course U12.

Beds Road CC Go-Ride Tour 2014

Results as follows:
1. Jack Branch. 2. Lewis Manning. 3. Sophie Course. 4. Jared Woodhouse. 5. Ronnie Hanks. 6. Thomas Course. 7. Kathryn Rafferty. 8. Ellen Rafferty. 9. Marcus Varley. =10. Nell Hanks. Flint Brewer.

1. Harry Layton. 2. Jake Manning. 3. Leo Kroll. 4. Miles Varley. =5. Ben Coblenz. Luca Kroll. 7. Rebel Boddington. 8. James Baylis. 9. Jack Peters. 10. Rose Coggins. 11. Lene Brewer.

1. Alex Daniels. 2. Oliver Course. 3. Ben Woodhouse. 4. Charlotte Course.

1. Billy Fadden. 2. Angus Hudson. 3. Ryan Daniels.

Beds Road CC Go-Ride Duathlon results

On Sat 5 July, Go-Ride children and parents had fun at the first Go-Ride Duathlon morning. Over the last month Go-Riders have been training and preparing for their races. The races had a wet start but the sun came out before the end of the morning.

Go Riders completed the events with real enthusiasm. Real competition between athletes and good results were recorded. They then watched the adults 'fun' race - well it was fun to watch! And fantastic so many parents took part.

This weeks Go-Ride session is at Robert Bloomfield School for Tour De France themed races- time trial, pursuit and elimination races for age categories and Tour De France themed prizes.

Results for Saturday's Races

Under 7 year olds
1st Finley Miller 8:22
2nd Thomas Course 9:36
3rd Flint Brewer 9:39
4th Marcus Varley 10:43
5th Nell Flint 13:48

Leila Kroll did a fantastic first run in 30 seconds but pulled out due to the cold.

8-10 years old
1st Rosie Dunbar 12:09
2nd Harry Layton 12:56
3rd James Baylis 15:10
4th Jack Peters 17:09
5th Leo Kroll 17:42
6th Benjamin Coblenz 17:48
7th Ronnie Hanks 21:28
8th Sophie Course 22:27
9th Lene Brewer 23:02
10th Miles Varley 28:00

11 Year olds and over
1st Ben Dunbar 20:50
2nd Alex Daniel 21:21
3rd Oliver Course 21:37
4th Charlotte Course 24:46

Adults Results

Name Total time Run 1 Bike Run 2 Comments
David Course 14:02 1:27 9:51 1:34 1st Male
Rob Miller 14:10 1:33 10:26 1:29 2nd Male
Alastair Fadden 14:19 1:27 10:06 1:31 3rd male
Billy Fadden 14:42 1:27 11:05 1:38
Andy Yiannaki 15:44 1:27 11:33 1:50
Jon Brewer 16:00 1:39 11:25 1:54
Jason Daniels 16:46 1:39 14:02 1:58
Dan Peters 18:11 1:42 13:43 2:02
Amy Hanks 18:24 2:01 13:01 2:19 1st Lady

News 6 January 2012

Beds Road GoRide ranked 3rd in UK!

Beds Road Cycling Club's GoRide initiative is aimed at introducing young riders from 6 to 16 to the sport of competitive cycling.

We have just learned from British Cycling that the scheme run by Beds Road CC has been ranked 3rd out of 124 registered GoRide clubs!

The ranking is based on the number of competitive 'opportunities', as BC call it, the club provided to young cyclists during the year.

Congratulations must go to Mark Anstee, Paul Holmes and Brian Hill for their enthusiasm and commitment in providing regular, well attended GoRide training sessions on Saturday mornings at Robert Bloomfield Middle School in Shefford. Well done chaps!

And thanks to all the children who regularly attend in all weathers - their enthusiasm and progress helps enormously to provide the motivation for Mark, Paul and Brian to give up their time for the benefit of others.

News: 16 July 2011
This Saturday saw 13 riders battling against the wind and rain in two cyclocross events at Robert Bloomfield School.

The riders competed in two events, a one lap individual time trial followed by a 6 lap race. Points from both events were combined to produce the winners. (one photo attached courtesy of Whitney Leigh)

Time Trial result
Josh Rayner 1:04
Jack Fisher 1:05
Jan Laming 1:08
Annabelle Foxall 1:09
Toby Johnson 1:10
Alex Thorne 1:12
Ryan Daniels 1:15
Chloe Thorne 1:15
Marcus Hart 1:18
Alex Daniels 1:20
Harry Layton 1:20
Arthur Anstee 1:46
William Easton 1:56

6 lap race result
1. Josh Rayner
2. Jan Laming
3. Jack Fisher
4. Toby Johnson
5. Alex Thorne
6. Annabelle Foxall
7. Ryan Daniels
8. Alex Daniels
9. Chloe Thorne
10. Harry Layton
11. Marcus Hart
12.. William Easton
13. Arthur Anstee

Overall result by age cat
1. Josh Rayner
2. Jan Laming

1. Jack Fisher
2. Toby Johnson
3. Alex Thorne
4. Ryan Daniels

1. Annabelle Foxall
2. Chloe Thorne

1. Alex Daniels

1. Marcus Hart
2. Harry Layton
3. William Easton

1. Arthur Anstee

News: 26 March 2011
Race results from the 2 events held at Robert Bloomfield Middle School on Saturday March 26 are now available online.

Please see here

Pictures of the BRCC GoRide Races on 26 March 2011

Lining up at the U8 Time Trial start line

The U10 CycloCross in progress...

News: 19 March 2011
On 19 March 2011, we held our first 'proper' racing event at the Milton Keynes Bowl.
Photos of the event :- See here

Well done to Alex D, Alex T, Ryan, Toby, Jan, Annabelle, Chloe, Jack, Louis and Whitney for making the journey to MK last week and racing.

I could see everyone really trying their hardest.

Annabelle and Chloe came 1st and 2nd in the U10 girls.

These events are a bit hit and miss as to the quality of riders that enter, if there's a big race elsewhere, the top riders go to those.

The riders this day were some of the best in the central region and also compete at national level, so we were up against it in the U14 and U12 age groups!

But on the bright side we got to see some talented riders in action. I hope every one enjoyed the experience.

Congratulations also to Paul Holmes for his 4th place in the cat 4 race, contrasted by me getting dropped after 3 laps of the cat 2/3 race (must try harder!).

This weekend 26 March 2011...
We are extending the usual session this week to run a Go Ride race on the field. Go Ride races are restricted to novice riders only (unlike last weeks race).

We would like everyone to take part, so this time there will be no charge for those that have paid for these sessions. Any one else is welcome to take part for £2, register between 9:00 - 9:30.

We have bottles, mitts, caps and some chocolate as prizes.

The session starts as usual at 9:00, the racing will start at 10:00 and should be finished by 11:00 (11:30 latest).

If anyone would like to marshal, this involves standing on a corner in a yellow bib just in case, please let me know.

News: January 2011
Hi all,

Welcome to Go-Ride 2011. This year we hope to build on a successful start in 2010 with more events both in the club and elsewhere, plus the introduction of a pair of trophies to be awarded at the end of the year.

Trip to the woods.
On Saturday 29th Jan we will be at Warren Woods - Chicksands from 9:00 to 10:30. This is open to any who attended the 2010 Go Ride sessions - I will send a reminder nearer the time.

Provisional calendar:
Here is a provisional calendar for the first block of Go Ride activities. The theme for this series is Track and Road Race skills. The cost for the sessions is £10 - this does not include Go Ride race entry (expected to be £2) and the Regional Race fees (expected £4 - £6). The sessions will be at Robert Bloomfield School from 9:00 am - 10:30 am except the Chicksand and MK trips.

26 Feb
Robert Bloomfield Middle School - Shefford (registration and £10 payment due)

5 March
Robert Bloomfield Middle School - Shefford

12 March
Warren woods/Chicksands

19 March
Robert Bloomfield Middle School - Shefford

26 March
Go Ride Race - Robert Bloomfield Middle School - Shefford

2 April
Regional Race – Milton Keynes Bowl (date TBC)

9 April
Robert Bloomfield Middle School - Shefford

16 April
Robert Bloomfield Middle School - Shefford

Beds Road CC are providing a pair of trophies for the best overall rider of 2011 using money kindly donated to the club from an old member. These will be awarded on points collected though out the year in races and with an element for attendance (details to follow).

Go Ride races are aimed at novice riders, we plan to hold some either at RBMS or attached to other community events. Regional Races are organized by British Cycling, we hope to attend some of these (we have 6 race bikes to use).

Club Membership:
The Go-Ride club based at RBMS, known as the Shefford Dynamos, is free to join - all we ask is Parental Consent forms. We will also be encouraging you to join Beds Road CC.

See you on the 29th.

News: 27 November 2010
Beds Road Go-Ride attendance numbers remain excellent even through arctic conditions!

This week's bitter winter weather certainly hasn't deterred our Go-Ride team! Here we see them keenly practising their bike-lifts at temperatures well below zero, for forthcoming Cyclo-Cross races. At the end of the training we had great fun practising skids on the icy netball courts!

Parents, please be sure to have them dress in many thin layers, rather than few thick layers. Warm gloves, warm socks, sturdy shoes / trainers and a balaclava or woolly hat would be ideal for weather such as this. Back for more this Saturday!

Braving the bitter weather, Beds Road Go-Ride get on with having fun with bikes

Braving the bitter weather, Beds Road Go-Ride get on with having fun with bikes

News: 20 November 2010
Beds Road CC and the Shefford Dynamos GoRide club met at Chicksands for bike handling excercises. Report to follow.

News: 16 October 2010
Beds Road CC and the Shefford Dynamos Go-Ride club held their first Go-Ride Cyclo-cross race on Saturday 16th of October with the help of British Cycling and the Redborne School Sport Partnership. Parents and BRCC members pitched in to marshal the event and help make it a success.

A total of 25 riders aged from 7 to 15 braved the cold morning at Robert Bloomfield Middle School, Shefford, to take part in a 2 race Omnium contest. The U10 and U8 races consisted of 3 laps including a section through trees and down and back up a steep bank, whilst the U12 - U16 riders faced 6 laps of the same circuit. The organisers and the Shefford Dyanamos riders were please to see some healthy competition from riders in neighbouring clubs.

The winning riders were; Girls U10 - Annabelle Foxhall, U12 - Eleanor Hall, U14 - Sarah Tooke (Hitchin Nomads), Boys U8 - Alex Rayner, U10 - Angus Hudson, U12 - Alex Thorne, U14 - Tom Baddell (Welwyn Wheelers), U16 - Oliver Rayner. Seven year old Harry Rose gained a Sky cap for the most spirited rider of the day.

The race was enjoyed by all the riders, most of them racing for the first time. BRCC plan on running more events next year at the school. The club will also be venturing further afield to road circuits and race 6 new Moda bikes funded by the Redborne SSP - unless anyone has some suitable tarmac in Bedfordshire?

U8 boys
1. Alex Rayner
2. Louis Bibb
3. Marcus Hart
4. Harry Rose

U10 girls
1. Annabelle Foxhall
2. Claire Allen

U10 boys
1. Angus Hudson
2. James Hall
3. Alex Daniels

U12 girls
1. Eleanor Hall
2. Georgia Rose

U12 boys
1. Alex Thorne
2. Toby Johnson
3. Sam Rylance
4. Cameron Mitchell
5. Ryan Daniels
6. Jack Hutson

U14 girls
1. Sarah Tooke (HNCC)
2. Kira Barnes
3. Stacie Anne Stacey

U14 boys
1. Tom Baddell (WWCC)
2. Joshua Rayner
3. Jan Laming
4, Adrian Allen

U16 boys
1. Oliver Rayner

The Go Ride club is all set to start on the 24th April from 9:00 to 10:30 at RobertBloomfield Middle School in Shefford.

Go Ride is a British Cycling scheme to get youngsters involved in cycle sport. This involves a progressive series of coaching sessions aimed at developing skills needed for various cycle sport disciplines.


What the children see however is a series of fun and safe activities such as riding around a conned set of obstacles, under limbo bars, etc to teach them techniques such as turning, braking, gear selection and a range of other skills.


The club is aimed at middle school ages and below, if they can ride a bike we have activities for them. You will need a serviceable bike and helmet. Mitts/ gloves and suitable clothing (something water proof) and a drink are also advisable.


Hopefully this six weeks will be a success and we can establish a regular club possibly with some grass track races in the summer for those that want to compete.


The first session on the 24th April is free. The cost of the next 6 weeks is £13, reduced to £9 for Beds Road Cycle Club members. Enrolment will be on the day but places will be limited so if you want to secure places can you please let me know names and ages. Reserve a place by emailing with the name and age of the child.

Bedfordshire Road Cycling Club