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Latest update December 14th 2011

Latest news we have received about cycle thefts, please keep your eyes open and report any suspicions to the CrimeStoppers team using the phone number below.

Viner Mitus

December 14 2011 - Please keep your eyes open for this unusual black Viner Mitus bicycle.

It was taken during a burglary on a dwelling in Cople recently. It is the owners pride and joy and is quite a rare bike in the UK.

If anyone sees it about, they can call Beds Police on 101

The Officer in the case is DC Whitworth and the Crime reference number is: FW: JH/49567/2011


June 5 2011 - Cycle stolen from a commercial burglary at Transition Cycles, Castle Road, Bedford at around 0230hrs on Sunday 5th JUNE 2011.

The bike is a CUBE, GTC SL in Carbon, white and green, and a 56cm frame. It has SHWALBE tyres with a green stripe around them mounted on FULCRUM wheels, exactly as pictured.

The cycle has the frame number: WOW04557EP0810R.

This bike retails at £2,200 and Transition Cycles has not sold any of this model and colour cycle.

There are not many dealers of CUBE cycles locally making this a rare bike.

The serial number is printed onto the carbon fibre and then lacquered over the top.

Shorter black and white, Bontrager wheels

December 3 2010 - Sam Hayes has had his Road bike and TT bike stolen from his locked shed in Shefford, along with an expensive set of wheels.

Please would you keep your eyes out for anyone selling the following:-

  • The Road bike is a plain carbon Shorter with white decals, grey Campag groupset and Eurus wheels.
  • The TT bike is a Shorter, black with white and red decals, Bontrager TT bars and Campag groupset.
  • The stolen wheels were a Corima rear Disc and 4 spoke front wheel.

Here is Sam earlier this year, seen on the TT bike and wheels which were stolen...

Sam Hayes on his stolen Shorter and TT wheels

The thieves gained access to Sam's heavy duty shed by taking the screws out of the hinges and lifting the door off.

If you have any information on this, please contact...

If your bike is valuable to you, invest in the best lock you can afford, and ensure it is fastened to a firm anchor point.

Pass the lock through the frame and rear wheel at least, to minimise possible loss. If you won't be using your bike over winter, consider storing it in a spare room in the main house, or in your attic, rather than in an out-building.

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